Who is Homeless? People like you and me!

When the Mortgage Crisis began in late 2007, it was easy for many people to point to those who had borrowed too much and to blame them for getting into trouble. But now in mid 2009 – this finger pointing doesn’t work – if it ever did – because all sorts of people who were prudent are now in trouble. You only have to get ill or be layed off to find yourself out of your house. And in more and more cases to find yourself homeless!

KVCR-FM created this NPR news spot pertaining to the Southern California mortgage crisis. Listen to the segment here (approximately 2 1/2  minutes).

The homeless are very different than you and I.

At least that’s what a lot of us thought until the Mortgage Crisis shook up stable housing situations for thousands in the Inland Empire and Orange County.

Anthea Raymond visited the Circle of Hope shelter in Corona this week. She met a woman there named Kathleen Krauss and filed this sound portrait.

Kathleen Krauss has been living at the Circle of Hope Family shelter in Corona since April. The sound portrait you heard was prepared by Anthea Raymond as part of KVCR’s “Facing the Mortgage Crisis” series.


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