Reinventing yourself?


The unemployment numbers are in today and they look worse – I will post details later. But here is a bright spot – Many are not hoping to get their old job back but are working for themselves doing things that they love. It’s not for everyone – but it was for me back in the day – worth thinking about. (This clip is from PRX’s excellent page on stories about the Financial Crisis which you can explore here

I recently spoke with two Los Angeles residents who are turning their time out of work into a chance to try something new. Jamie Rubin, a former online news producer is now designing nursing shirts for new moms at Milkstars. Brian Zeno was in sales and is now managing rock bands. The story was on today’s Morning Edition on NPR.

Some of the tens-of-thousands of Americans who have lost their jobs in the recession are turning crisis into opportunity. Instead of searching for a new job in the same field, they are turning their passion into a paycheck.
Lose Your Job? Follow Your Passion

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