In response to the nation’s economic challenges, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (“CPB”) is providing funding to St. Louis Regional Educational and Public Television Commission (“KETC”), which shall provide funding to public television and radio stations (“Station(s))” to help them respond specifically to their communities’ needs in the wake of the mortgage crisis (“Initiative”). This work was pioneered by KETC in St. Louis, which engaged a network of community partners to connect citizens with available resources to help them keep their homes and learn more about financial strategies that will enable them to survive a difficult economy.

The U.S. Treasury Department has identified cities and states where the mortgage crisis is most severe. CPB will be awarding grants to public television and radio stations in those markets to use the KETC model to create similar Facing the Mortgage Crisis projects in their own communities. KETC will serve as manager of the Initiative in general, with KNPR coordinating with KETC specifically with respect to radio station efforts. The National Center for Media Engagement (“NCME” (formerly NCO)) will provide advice and act as grants administrator.

Collaboration with other public media within each market is encouraged. This Initiative’s primary goal is to use the full capabilities of public media (on-air, online and in the community) to create a station-wide initiative to help the American people in this time of financial crisis.


This Initiative is all about helping communities in need and demonstrating the relevance of public media. Specifically, the goals of the Initiative are:

  1. To connect residents to foreclosure prevention and financial resources through a network of trusted community partners mobilized through public media;
  2. To raise awareness of the impact of the mortgage crisis on the entire region the Station serves;
  3. To leverage this model of community engagement and mobilization for community impact and use CPB’s Public Awareness Initiative/My Source tools and resources to frame the story of that impact; and
  4. Through this work, to make the case for the relevance and impact of public media locally and nationally.

Approach to the Work

Facing the Mortgage Crisis is a community engagement initiative that leverages Stations’ assets on-air, online and in the community.

Important Considerations:

  • Community partnerships are critical to this initiative and will help Stations maximize impact in the community. Partners/advisors help guide the work on-air, online, and in the community.
  • Facing the Mortgage Crisis will require participants to leverage resources and assets strategically.
  • This work has overarching goals that are outcome-oriented and focused on solving a community problem.
  • Buy-in and support from senior management in the station is essential. Only with the commitment from the highest level of leadership can this effort be cohesive and comprehensive enough to make an impact in the community.
  • This work should involve all the main departments within a Station and requires a high level of inter-departmental collaboration

Here is a map of all the stations

View Facing the Mortgage Crisis Applicants in a larger map

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