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NPR’s New Web Site – Symbol of a New Local/National Network launches today. It’s more than a visual makeover it is the cornerstone of a strategy:

The renovated Web site, featuring a cleaner look and easier navigation—is the linchpin, she explained to NEWSWEEK last week, of a strategy to transform NPR into the No. 1 destination for free news on and beyond the radio. “We have to be a multiplatform play,” she said. For Schiller, that means building on NPR’s reputation as a broadcaster of national and international news, by extending its reach into local news. She plans on relying more on local member stations to fill what she sees as a “scary” void in local coverage as hometown daily newspapers fold. (Newsweek interview with Vivian Schiller)

In terrestrial radio and TV, there was a natural alliance between local and national – now on the web there has to be a viable alliance as well.

The technical components are now available – PBS and NPR are making most of their content available on the web. The missing link is how to use the web locally to make use of this in a way that serves the audience and that serves the system.

FTMC gives us the ideal “Space” to try to work this out. For each station now has a special piece of “Web Real Estate” based on the most pressing real need of its community where most of the national web content has been focused. This will surely be our best chance to discover how to make this new alliance work.

We start this discussion July 28th with the webinar on this very topic:

Please join us, along with your team, on Tuesday, July 28th at 3 p.m. ET for a webinar to discuss how to best utilize national content options.  The webinar will be hosted by the National Center for Media Engagement, a national project partner.

With Facing the Mortgage Crisis, you have created new and unlimited content platforms—your blogs and websites devoted to Facing the Mortgage Crisis.  Now that you have this unlimited “real estate,” how do you best take advantage of it?  How do you choose national content that best fits your local community?  How do you contextualize national content for your local community?

Todd Mundt, Vice President and Chief Content Officer at Louisville Public Media and Managing Editor of The Mediavore, and Laura Conaway of NPR’s Planet Money will share their editorial and contextualization processes.  Additionally, Carolyn O’Hara (The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer) and Bobbi English (Sesame Workshop) will share exciting national content options that will be available to your stations.

We’d like to invite you to ask any questions (to be answered during the webinar) before Tuesday—please post a comment by noon on Monday, 7/27 to the blog post on Ning entitled “July 28th Webinar Details.” You will also be able to join the conversation and ask questions during the webinar.

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New Web Real Estate – FTMC

All stations have web sites – but these are mostly a collection of “banners” and schedule notices. They are not what we all know we have to move to – a place where we interact with our audience.

As we work to find our way in this project, some are finding that they have inadvertently created this new relationship by setting up a focused piece of web real estate – the site for the project. here is how Michigan Radio and Detroit Public TV have seen things on their site:

Michigan Radio & Detroit Public TV’s mortgage crisis website,, has had 4291 visits. On July 16 when Michigan Radio had a call-in show the site had its busiest single day with 473 unique visitors that day. We’ve had about 25 listener comments on our web and social networking sites devoted to the project.

We’ve had a huge range of comments. We’ve heard from a number of people who have had health issues that are causing them to miss house payments or end up in foreclosure. We’ve heard from quite a few individuals who have lost jobs and are trying to be proactive because they know they are not going to be able to keep making their mortgage payments, but are finding that lenders are not willing to work with them in a meaningful way. We’ve used these two types of comments as the basis of on-air radio interviews.

We’ve heard from people looking for help for themselves and for friends. We’ve also heard from credit unions and government officials who contact us to help get the word out about their services. My favorite comment is the following one that was posted after a story about scams aired…

“Thanks to this article and listening to it on the radio, my husband and I cancelled the appointment we had with Federal Loan Modification 20 minutes before the “counselor” was to show up at our house. Thank you very much.”

But, we’ve also heard from a small number of Michigan Radio listeners who think we are spending too much time on this story or aren’t reporting on how the situation is the fault of uninformed consumers or that we should be spending this much time on other stories. (Tamar Charney)

Solving the issue of how to make the web work for us is central to our future – more on this topic over time as more emerges.

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